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Surveillance is an on-site investigation which uses state of the art video equipment to capture and document information concerning an individual’s degree of activity, physical health, appearance, and/or employment.    

Premier Investigations, LLC provides extensive investigative services for major insurance companies, attorneys, self-insured companies, third party administrators, large corporations, small businesses, law enforcement and individuals. We provide these services with the best interests of our clients in mind and strive to consistently produce a premium product.

Our goal on every assignment is to deliver professional, ethical services in a timely manner.

Background & Locates

These are typically used to discover an individual’s history of criminal activity or civil litigation, or they are used to successfully confirm or question one’s credibility, and can be a tool to establish past fraudulent activity or patterns of habitual litigation.

Process Services

Our trained process servers will serve your legal documents and provide you with consistent updates and notifications. We can even help in those situations where the person being served does not want to be found.

Motor Vehicle Research

We have the ability to identify automobiles, boats and airplanes owned by the subject of an investigation and often the registered address of the subject. Information obtained includes current and previous ownerships.

Courthouse Records Research

Many cases rely on these prior to a deposition or trial. Record checks are conducted at the local, district and federal levels. Searches reveal prior claims, criminal activities, and establish any relevant driving history of a subject.

Domestic Investigations

Obtaining information needed to resolve sensitive situations with spouses, divorce, child custody, lost loved ones, and situations that require the epitome of discretion, compassion and sensitivity. Handled with integrity, sensitivity, and professionalism.

Social Media Research

Includes online searches through various social media to determine any pertinent information regarding a subject. This can be a powerful tool in identifying methods to conduct a successful investigation through details obtained about the subject's social behavior.

Employment Verification

As licensed private investigators, we offer complete pre-employment screening and current employee screening, ranging from a basic overview to a comprehensive background investigation.

Video Documentation

Professional quality video documentation tailored to the needs of each client utilizing state of the art digital video cameras, covert cameras and in house video replication. Videos delivered via secured file access with DVD available by request.

Activity Checks

Activity checks are neighborhood canvasses which produce detailed background information regarding a subject. They are a powerful tool in which clients can utilize the information obtained and determine if surveillance is required. 

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